Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Plants indoors...Large Scale.

A farmer friend of mine named Greg started A LOT of plants indoors this spring. He ended up with over 960 tomato plants alone. That does not include all of the eggplants, peppers, squash, pumpkins, nasturtiums, artichokes, & herbs ect. The pictures below show some of his methods and plants.
All of the pictures were taken 3/06/09
Pumpkin plants. 3/06/09
Pumpkin plants. 3/06/09

Tomato sprouts. 3/06/09

Planting the sprouts into pots.

Gently packing the soil around the sprout.
Watering the newly planted sprouts with a gentle sink sprayer.
The warm, dark drawer where the germinating seeds are stored till they sprout.
The start of the sprouting method. Take a paper towel and get it moist with water. (please make sure it is a coarse paper towel as fine ones make transplanting the sprouts without hurting them virtually impossible.)
Next step. Place the seeds on the moist papper towel and then gently fold the towel up and place it in a ziplock bag. Finally place the closed ziplock bag in a warm, dark place. The seeds usually will be ready to plant in 3-6 days.
Wrapping the seeds in the papper towel.
I will post more pictures soon. Tomorow I hope to post pictures of how Greg's plants looked like a couple weeks after the above pictures were taken. Now I have to continue with my studies.
One good thing was that I found out I could take the final exams next week and that I have until the 8th to turn in all of my work! Yipee!

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