Saturday, May 16, 2009

CSU pictures Part II.

Below are some more pictures of my trip up to CSU.
Those are some BIG tulips. They were about 3ft high!

The squirrels at CSU are the TAMEST I have ever seen. As I was walking to the car to get my camera I saw a squirrel laying within 8" of a girl who was studying like nothing out of the ordinary was happening.
Then as I took this picture that squirrel came running out of the tulips right to me.
He then proceeded to circle me always staying within 8"...
Before proceeding back into the tulips.
The entrance to the building I took my test in.

The building straight ahead is the CSU Library. They have an amazing array of books.

The Lory Student Center.
Tulips and Pansies outside of the Lory Student Center.
Mixture of flowers makes for a very colorful array of blooms.

Massive Tulips are everywhere in the CSU area.
Today we are going to try to plant most of our garden. We have finally got the ground all tilled up and ready to go.
I will post more on that as time passes.

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