Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden Update

Our garden is just starting to produce finally!

I think that our garden has been slow because of all the rain we have been having and the cool weather, but we will be eating from our garden again in a matter of days!
We have some Zuchini and some Papaya pear almost ready to pick and all of our other produce is well on the way too.

My brother buried 2 large holes full of compost last fall and there were some squash seeds from last years produce in there and they sprouted. I told him that he should consider removing the volunteer sprouts so that he had the proper spacing, but he decided to leave them with only 1-2 INCHES between plants. Now normally this is a sure cause of doom, but the compost was rich enougn to not only cause the plants to hang on, but rather to THRIVE! These squash plants are easily 3 feet tall, have the some of biggest leaves I have seen, and they are producing some large sized fruis too!
It is really amazing to see, and I have declared that instead of doing thousands of square feet in gardens next year I am going to do a 20 square foot garden full of compost like Jarin.

I will post more soon.